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VIP Cabin Service Training

Course Details


Hastie Recruitment's training academy offers a fantastic and bespoke Cabin Service training program for organisations requiring a multi-crew VIP service on larger private aircraft and for companies who operate a fleet of private jets.  

These courses are entirely tailor-made specifically to the organisation, offering an in-depth understanding of company procedures and policies.  The cabin service training is delivered by industry-leading qualified trainers, combining previous experiences on both single crew corporate jets and the most prestigious private narrow and wide-bodied aircraft and first-class cabin service with some of the worlds most elite carriers.

This course is chosen by private owners and management companies alike who wish to invest in their crew to ensure their continuing professional development.  This team-building program guarantees the highest standards are met in terms of grooming, service and crew coordination.  We fine-tune all that is good within the current set up and add inspirational market-leading ideas to set those above any competitor. 

Our main state of the art training facilities are based at London Stanstead airport, but this course can be held at any location worldwide to best serve our clients. This course is perfect for both new and existing crew to ensure all perform to the very highest standard and will meet and exceed all expectations of the passengers vastly raising the chances of repeat business.

Each course is unique and has a bespoke design and content for each organisation but will contain elements of the core syllabus criteria below.

Course Syllabus

  ✈︎ The role of VIP cabin crew

  ✈︎ Flight briefing

  ✈︎ Exploring passenger profiles 

  ✈︎ Galley preparation & organisation

  ✈︎ Key communications between cabin crew and pilots

  ✈︎ Drinks Trolley

  ✈︎ Napkin folding

  ✈︎ Table layout

  ✈︎ Best practice for food hygiene

  ✈︎ Practical catering presentation

  ✈︎ Demonstration of VIP food preparation

  ✈︎ Platting techniques and the latest trends

  ✈︎ Customer service

  ✈︎ Teamwork

  ✈︎ Service sequence and flow

  ✈︎ Meal service

  ✈︎ Wine pairing, pouring and etiquette when serving wine

  ✈︎ Cocktail making

  ✈︎ Cultures and etiquettes 

  ✈︎ Putting your cabin into sleep mode

  ✈︎ Cleaning your cabin

  ✈︎ Post-flight processes

  ✈︎ How to best handover when completing your trip

  ✈︎ Confidentially on and off the jet

  ✈︎ Portray a professional company image at all times

This program can be run from any worldwide location and is usually scheduled as one full training day so as to minimise disruption to operations.



For more information and how to book

Please call our team on: 

+44 (0) 1763 793 644 / +44 (0) 7824 812 788

We will be happy to offer a free of charge consultation on how best we can serve you.


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