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Hastie Recruitment Aviation is a specialist in the supply and recruitment of aviation professionals. We provide Pilots, Cabin Crew, VIP Flight Attendants and Engineers in either a full time, part time or in a freelance capacity.  


HR Aviation has candidate availability to cover any current vacancy to include last minute requirements. We have retained staff on standby ready to be mobilised to cover any need that may arise. 


We take the time to understand all aspects of your organisation and set up so we can provide ideal candidates. We match the skills and experience of our professionals to your needs and have a robust process for finding the best candidates.


We have many years of first-hand industry experience and can guarantee through our vetting and screening process our candidates will meet and exceed your high standards and expectations.


We have highly skilled and experienced candidates worldwide. They offer suitable geographical location, language skills and have all documentation surrounding nationality and visas. With this in mind, we offer our clients particularly cost-effective labour solutions. 


In addition, we offer a very unique service for clients with the setup and staffing for new and existing aircraft. We work with you through all stages from configuration to design to include all onboard equipment and products.  We are then in a position to offer the full range of staff to perfectly complement this setup.




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