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Hastie Recruitment has fantastic working opportunities for Captains and First Officers 


We continually have requirements within both commercial and corporate environments offering full time, part time and freelance contracts covering a range of aircraft types with requirements based worldwide


We have a specialist team to look after our highly skilled flight crew to ensure the very best service is provided. We take time to understand the qualifications, experience and ambitions of all of our candidates, to ensure happiness and job satisfaction in every placement. 


We recruit the best candidates and we do this by offering a unique and personal service. We are a UK based provider and have fantastic nationwide opportunities and by the very nature of the international aspect of the aviation industry we also have opportunities for companies based in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia 


Our team come from a specialist aviation background and have the insight and expertise that comes with years of industry experience. This enables us to work in partnership with our candidates to provide fantastic opportunities for full time, part time and freelance positions.

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