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beVIP is a unique and bespoke training course aimed at all those who are looking to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to be a modern VIP Flight Attendant (FA). beVIP covers all required VIP service skills with advice and discussion on safety for aircraft with a configuration of less than 19 seats.


Our EASA Cabin Crew Attestation course can be added onto the course or provided separately to give full and comprehensive certificated safety training for all aircraft types.




This course has been designed by skypeople & Hastie Recruitment. This course combines the skills associated with one of the world’s most prestigious training providers with the vast experience and knowledge of our company director, Michelle Hastie who is a very successful VIP FA. Michelle has worldwide experience on most aircraft types and is an executive member of the European Corporate Flight Attendant Committee (ECFAC). 


Our aim is to create an atmosphere conducive to learning: relaxed, engaging, supportive, and fun. Learners are encouraged to share experiences, offer peer support and self-reflect.

Course overview


This course will equip learners with the skills and knowledge to deliver a professional and tailor-made service.  We have also designed some checklists and processes to help you progress your career within this elite sector of aviation.


The course uses a range of teaching approaches including classroom instruction, practical activity, group discussion and 'Hastie Hints'. We will provide you with your own beVIP guide which will equip you with the basics to get you going.  During the course, you will reflect and evolve your guide to explore the beVIP you.


Key elements


  • lifestyle and role

  • Planning & purchasing

  • Meet and greet and working with VIP flight crew

  • Service design and presentation

  • Dressing your cabin

  • Preparing and presenting food and drink

  • Service delivery and etiquette

  • Passenger feedback and business retention

  • 1 to 1 feedback and coaching


2 days in a classroom with 1 day pre-course workbook


Cost: £495, which includes pre-course learning material, beVIP guide, certification, goodie bag with essentials and all food and refreshments.



For more information and on how to book:

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